Managing the wellbeing of our employees, our customers and the patients we support each day

Right now, we at Getinge are doing our utmost to support the courageous clinicians around the world, in their fight against the global pandemic, COVID-19. With the challenges that we are all experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate that this has put new challenges in place for you and your colleagues. Getinge reassures you that during this time we have put in place measures and have ongoing contingency plans to enable us to continue to support and assist you, essentially as close to normal business as possible.

As we navigate through this uncertain time together, nothing is more important than the safety, health and well-being of our employees, customers and patients. Getinge has a pandemic working group in place to guide our decision-making as we take measures to minimise risks, and keep up to date with the impacts of government decisions affecting policy, healthcare and border protection.  We continue to work with Australian, State and Local Health Authorities and continue providing essential services. As all of our factories are business critical, we have taken measures to ensure they are operational and providing equipment and consumables at maximum output in an effort to meet the needs of our customer base. Likewise, we are working closely with our freight providers on a daily basis to ensure undisrupted supply pathways both internationally and locally across Australia and New Zealand to maintain supply.

We are continuing to follow measures to ensure business continuity and support to customers ;

  • Majority of consumable stock holdings in our Australian and New Zealand warehouses will continue to meet the needs of our customers, we have also pre-emptively increased the amount of stock we keep locally to mitigate any supply chain delays
  • Increased our factory orders and production
  • Sourcing alternative freight pathways to continue supply of goods
  • Working with State and National Government agencies in order to continue our access to hospitals to mitigate any disruption
  • Our employees are trained in Infection Control to ensure their safety when visiting customer facilities.

During this time, we are also continuing our support, both remotely and on-site for new installations and refurbishments of CSSDs and operating theatres.

We understand that due to the current Government measures in place that face-to-face contact is not possible in all situations. To enable ongoing support our entire team are all working remotely to continue to meet your needs and provide you with ongoing support, including training, all of which we are able to provide via remote platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams and Skype.

If you require any further information we are willing to assist and provide any information or support that you need, please don’t hesitate in contacting your Getinge representative or the Getinge Customer Service team on 1800 438 464. Or visit our resource centre by clicking here.  On behalf of Getinge ANZ our thoughts are with you and we are very appreciative of the vital services that you provide to the community.


Jaylea Strauch
President Getinge Australia & New Zealand