Dreams are born at Pratham’s learning camps

For nine-year-old Bhoirobi Kotoky, Pratham’s learning camps have sparked a growing excitement for education. She has even decided that one day she wants to become a teacher herself.

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For years, Getinge has been engaged in Pratham, the first major organization to achieve lasting, wide-scale success in India's educational landscape. The collaboration runs through an initiative called ‘Swedish Industry for Quality Education in India’ focusing on supporting children in school and based on a strong belief that education is a powerful and sustainable way out of poverty.

One of the children who has been part of Pratham’s learning camps is nine-year-old Bhoirobi Kotoky, who lives with her family in the Jorhat District in Assam. She has fond memories of every time that Pratham’s field team member Munmi Lalim came to school to conduct classes.

Girl“The learning camps were so exciting; we used to sit in small groups and do language and math activities together. I always looked forward to Munmi Lalim’s arrival,” tells Bhoirobi.

Before, most studies took place on an individual level. The learning camps gave Bhoirobi and the other children a platform to make new friends, with whom they could study together but also have fun.

“I gained more confidence in how to express myself in front of other children, and understood better how to collaborate and learn from each other.”

Some of the most popular activities during the learning camps were letter and number riddles, math tasks using straws and bundles, mind mapping activities on the floor and group discussions on various topics.

“My favorite hobby is to read comic books and before Munmi Lalim came to our school I struggled to understand the stories and many of the words. Today, it is much easier, even to reflect on stories. I have also started to write some of my own,” says Bhoirobi with a smile on her face.

Pratham also arranges community based activities in the villages after school hours, such as practicing singing and dancing skills and doing library activities. Parents are welcome to support.

“Thanks to Munmi Lalim I started going, sometimes together with my parents and my two little brothers who I enjoy spending time with. It is nice to include them; we have a lot of fun studying and drawing together with my friends from school.”

Bhoirobi is very happy about the opportunities provided by Pratham.

“It is only with support from teachers like Munmi Lalim that I can pursue my hobby of reading comic books today. One day I dream of becoming a teacher too, and give children the same possibility as I have been given.”

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