Getinge connects ventilators online to help hospitals fight the coronavirus

As a quick response to the COVID-19 challenge, Getinge has enabled ventilators in the Servo family to be connected to the platform Getinge Online. The aim is to maximize ventilator uptime and to help biomeds and service technicians stay safe during the pandemic by being able to solve issues remotely, without having to enter Intensive Care Units (ICU).

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Annica 250“We have focused our development resources on a solution for our ventilators and managed to get it ready in just six weeks. For us, the new online opportunity is a way of demonstrating our passion for life in an extraordinary situation when all our ventilators must be up and running to help critically ill patients survive the coronavirus,” says Annica Jämtén Ericsson, Director Service and Connectivity Strategy at Getinge.

Recently, the anesthesia machines in the Flow family became the first acute care products to be added to Getinge Online. Now they have been joined by Servo-u, Servo-n and Servo-air ventilators.

Connecting the mechanical ventilators to Getinge Online, which is part of Getinge Care service offering, enables hospital staff to view and analyze service and equipment data. This makes troubleshooting quicker, gives access to remote support from Getinge and provides users with information about service needs for individual ventilators.

“Ventilator uptime is more important than ever now when ICUs are working under a lot of pressure. Our ventilators are designed to be reliable. But if something goes wrong, it is now possible to pinpoint the problem and work out a solution from a distance,” Annica explains.

She adds:

“Remote access translates into less time spent on explaining phone calls and fewer physical visits to ICUs with COVID-19 precautions. Issues can be easily identified, and thanks to the integrated troubleshooting guidance, a solution is never far away.”

The online service gives ventilator users access to Getinge’s service history and important documentation, such as user manuals for the ventilator, adapted to the correct software version.

Hospitals also get an overview of all their installed ventilators, and the portal is designed to give a heads-up if any of them needs attention.

“Since individual machines are used in different ways, depending on workload and location, this helps users plan maintenance in an efficient way,” Annica says.

A yellow alert pops up on the screen thirty days before preventive maintenance is due, which gives ample time to order necessary preventive maintenance kits. If the due date for maintenance has passed, Getinge Online will display a red warning flag.

Annica concludes:

“Providing an early warning when something may need attention ensures our customers maintain uptime and availability of these lifesaving devices.”

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