Great service requires great installations

When it comes to service, installation of the purchased Getinge equipment is one of the most important first steps. If you want to learn more about this vital part of our offering, meet Richard Banzer who spends his working days installing equipment for Hybrid Operating Rooms (Hybrid ORs).

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Richard Banzer is a Project Implementation Supervisor for Getinge Australia, and together with a project team, he travels the roads of Australia and New Zealand to install Hybrid ORs.

“I am passionate about making hospital systems better shaped for outstanding patient care. With our Hybrid OR concept, where both diagnostics and treatments can take place, this is really the case,” he tells.

Getinge’s Hybrid ORs combine a state-of the-art OR with an imaging system, such as angiography systems, computed tomography scanners (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging scanners (MRI).

Richard and his team are responsible for installing many products in the Hybrid OR, which must work seamlessly together with the solutions provided by Getinge’s imaging partners. The planning phase of the installation is crucial to make sure future challenges and risks are minimized.

“We plan and coordinate everything in close collaboration with our partners and customers. All important pieces must be correctly installed – such as operating tables, modular room systems, integration systems, surgical lights, pendants, anesthesia machines and mechanical ventilators.”

During the installation of a Hybrid OR, there are many products that Richard needs to keep track of. To pave the way for excellence in future service, he always involves service technicians at some point during the installation.

“We all win from passing on knowledge. If I bring the service team to the installation they get to see how everything works and fit together. It is not just a table, a pendant, a surgical light or an anesthesia machine. Everything in the Hybrid OR is about a flow and if you understand that service gets easier.”

Within the Hybrid OR, Richard’s all-time favorite product to install is Getinge’s popular Maquet Magnus operating (OR) table.

“The versatility and integration Maquet Magnus brings to the Hybrid OR is amazing. It offers unique X-ray conditions and ensure clear access to the operating field. In my opinion, it is definitely the best OR table on the market which makes it extra fun to install too.”

Working closely with the surgeons and clinicians, to get their needs met and making their surgeries less time consuming, is another part of the role that Richard really enjoys.

“We aim to reduce the stress for them, so that they can focus on saving lives. After a successful installation, where everything works well, and you see the delight in the customer’s faces when they finally have something that they have wanted for a long time – it’s simply the best feeling.”

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