Looking at trends, talents, innovations and future with Getinge’s Bernard Derock

Addressing customer needs and trends on the market, staying innovative as well as attracting the right type of talents are key to future success if you ask Bernard Derock, Vice President Commercial Operations and President of sales region South West Europe at Getinge.

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Running the global Commercial Operations team and being President of sales region South West Europe at Getinge means working with many different cultures. It also means covering Getinge’s solutions all the way from cardiovascular procedures to intensive care, the operating room (OR), sterile reprocessing and life sciences.

“It’s very exciting to work with the entire portfolio and inspiring to see all the dedication and passion among our people where we mix hard work and having fun,” says Bernard Derock.

One of the biggest challenges for him and his team is to make sure they get the prioritizations right, and for Bernard it’s all about energy management instead of time management.

“It is the most crucial thing for me in order to be more efficient and improve productivity. I constantly ask myself where to put my energy based on what adds most value for our customers and could be the right move for Getinge. In most cases it’s about stop doing some things and reprioritize.”

When it comes to global market trends Bernard sees value creation partnerships, ambulatory care, digitalization and service as the front runners. But also a big change in how Getinge and other medtech companies need to structure themselves to better match the customer’s organizations and add more value than the products they sell, especially when it comes to the group purchase organization.

“Service is definitely one of the key drivers. This is an area where we can really level up and help our customers maximize and bring true added value. Connectivity within all areas, but especially service, will without question be a game changer as it will help us predict when a machine will break before it actually happens and therefore help our customers to not waste their productivity.”

In order for Getinge to address all these trends in the best possible way, Bernard will continue working with his committed team but also recruit new talents when needed and possible.

“We must have a helicopter view and act as consultants to our customers. When it comes to attracting new talents and to be an employer of choice we also need to promote a healthy work/life balance and offer flexibility, clear objectives and values that feels real,” explains Bernard.

As a Swedish medtech company with a strong history in entrepreneurship, Bernard stresses the importance for Getinge to continue to be a force to reckon with when it comes to innovations but also having a sustainability mindset.

“We’ve presented fantastic innovations throughout the years, such as our mechanical ventilators and anesthesia machines or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). But we cannot rest and live on our previous innovations. We must continue putting the foot on that pedal, and we will. The future will indeed be exciting times for both Getinge and our customers,” he promises.

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