Egypt Health Authority Delegation

EHA Delegation

Getinge were pleased to welcome a delegation from the Egyptian Health Authority (EHA) lead by their Chairman Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky. Also visiting were representatives from Swecare, the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the Embassy of Sweden in Cairo.

For the introduction of Universal Health Insurance, Egypt created three new independent regulatory authorities, which will oversee the effective implementation of the universal health insurance program. One of those being Egyptian General Authority for Healthcare, a public services authority. The main role of the EHA is to regulate the healthcare service providers and supervise the provision of healthcare services. The implementation of this large transformations is done in different phases and some regions have already started implementation. 

As part of a collaboration between Sweden and Egypt, Swecare – an organization promoting export and internationalization of Swedish health care and life science – arranged a round table meeting as well as a visit at the Karolinska University Hospital. They ended their stay in Sweden by visiting Our facility in Solna, where we had the opportunity to present not only ventilators and anesthesia systems, but also ECMO, Heart-Lung Machines as well as OR tables, lights and pendants. We also presented the DHS systems, our sustainability agenda and financial solutions. A big team effort with short notice, but we felt that all was highly appreciated by our guests!

The key points of interest between Egypt Healthcare Authority and Getinge?

- Sustainable Green transition of Sterilization Units

- Training and Development of Medical Staff whilst equipping them with new technology

- knowledge transfer in developing efficient patient cycles

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