Medical Planners – a keystone in our market approach

HealthCare industry is complex: there are hundreds of laws, policies, and regulations to be respected and followed for each project. In parallel, healthcare actors are subject to daily developments in diagnosis, treatment and therapy which are important to keep on track to define an efficient level of technology and care. Doing so thoroughly and professionally is vital to their success and the health of their patients.Medical Planners-1

Healthcare planners are here to assist healthcare facilities perform accordingly.

In this perspective, as of May 2022, Getinge MENEA team has started a series of workshops / communications with regional Medical Planners and Architects. This approach aims to enhance Getinge presence in the market and among key influencers and stakeholders who should be informed of the level of technology and healthcare advancement reached by our company.

As a result, it will be more likely for Getinge to be considered an innovator in the industry, helping practically all healthcare professionals involved in specific ventures to be aligned.

We are currently in the process of presenting various workshops for DAR team, as part of this engagement. Other meetings have been done with TAHPI, Genesis and UHS; yet the scope of Getinge involvement with healthcare planners and collaboration are being cleared so we can prepare the appropriate presentations and workshops.