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Recently, we proudly launched Getinge IN2 Modular Room System. This high-quality, hygienic solution consists of a substructure, wall and ceiling elements, doors, and the optional integration of built-in elements that give the flexibility to change and replace as needed.Getinge IN2-1

With Getinge IN2, the design possibilities are virtually unlimited. The system’s wide range of appealing colors, motifs, and design elements can create a pleasant environment that alleviates tension and stress for patients, families and staff. Individually printable elements for walls, ceilings, and doors can be customized and combined to create a unique environment, or mark different functional areas. The images are directly printed onto the product for long-term durability. They are resistant to damage from standard cleaning solutions. This system has so much to offer! As this is our new product, we wanted to promote it wildly.

At the beginning of June, we organized a special training for our MEA partners, which was dedicated to our new product- Getinge IN2. The meeting took place in our Getinge Experience Center in Frankfurt. Throughout the day, participants could find out more about our product. Great speakers: Sergio Silva, Julian Grimaldi and Boris Thilo Emge showed all the benefits of Getinge IN2 and answered all participant’s questions.

Getinge IN2-2

“It was an amazing event! Highly productive with a lot of questions and discussions around participants! It was also a chance to show our partners, the new Getinge Experience Center, which was opened in May” says Babak Rashnavadi, Director Business Development SW MEA. We hope to organize similar events in a near future!