Medical devices from Mateusz' employer saved his triplets' lives

When Getinge employee Mateusz Mackowski and his wife had triplets the babies were born premature in week 34. In order to survive, two of them needed mechanical ventilation. For Mateusz, it was a huge relief to see that the hospital was using a Servo-n ventilator with NAVA technology, from his employer.

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Just a few weeks ago, on January 21, Mateusz triplets turned one year old. They are three very active little girls who crawl around in every corner of the home. But they did not have the easiest start in life, as they were born already in week 34.

“It’s standard to deliver triplets via planned C-section and our first daughter came to the world in the morning at 8.21, followed by the second one at 8.22 and the third one at 8.23,” Mateusz says and smiles.

The girls weighed about 2 kilos each at this point and got transported to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). It was immediately determined that in order for the babies to survive, two of them would need mechanical ventilation, as their lungs were not fully developed and they were unable to breathe on their own.

Servo-n“For me it was very comforting to see the familiar ladybug machines from work in the NICU. These are Getinge’s Servo-n neonatal ventilators produced by my coworkers in Sweden. The machines help babies breathe, sleep and grow at every step of respiratory support,” explains Mateusz.

Finding the right level of ventilatory support without over- or under-assisting neonates is a delicate balance for medical staff. Servo-n makes it easier to assess that balance and enables actions on almost any situation, from delivery to discharge. NAVA technology is used; a ventilation where the patient’s own respiratory drive controls timing and assist delivered by the ventilator.

“I am so grateful to the big medical team in this NICU who took care of our babies. And I am proud of my little girls who are so strong, and develop fast despite a rough start. Today they crawl around all over the house, talking secret baby language with each other.”

Even though Mateusz was already proud about the broad portfolio of lifesaving machines from his employer he now feels even more passionate about his work after having the need for Servo-n in his private life.

“Mechanical ventilation and Servo-n was a critical factor, without it my girls wouldn’t be here today. I am glad that the devices from work could help save our babies, so that all three of them could go home safely in the end. Triplets are the coolest, it fills me with so much joy that none of them will ever be alone.”

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