New methods for cleaning and disinfecting ventilator equipment

Getinge’s initiatives to help customers all over the world fight the coronavirus include providing hands-on advice about how to clean and disinfect ventilator equipment. A design team has developed a method for adapting a standard wash cart to fit expiratory ventilator cassettes.

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“After the COVID-19 outbreak, it soon became obvious that reprocessing of ventilator related equipment is a critical issue. As a responsible partner, we wanted to respond fast by finding ways to help our customers to use existing equipment,” says R&D Director Jonas Johansson.

The approach to reprocessing of ventilator related equipment varies from country to country. Many Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSDs) already have special carts and racks, while those using standard washer disinfectors and carts may depend on manual cleaning and disinfection.

“As ventilators are a key component in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, manual cleaning becomes a bottleneck in the logistic flow of vital equipment,” says Marcus Samuelsson, Getinge’s Product Manager for Cleaning & Disinfection in Växjö, Sweden.

He adds:

“Since time was a critical factor, we investigated what kind of equipment most of our customers had available and focused on developing methods for how it could be easily adapted to reprocess expiratory cassettes from our ventilators.”

The design effectiveness team in Växjö, which is headed by Ghazale Nilsson, joined forces with Martin Meyerhöffer and Johanna Stahlén from Getinge’s team in Solna, Sweden, where the ventilators are manufactured.

Together, the teams developed three different options for using standard wash carts to reprocess expiratory cassettes from ventilators, including the models Servo-i, Servo-s, Servo-u, Servo-n and Servo-air.

The common denominator for all three solutions is that they require a reusable anesthesia hose or similar.

“We are happy that our collective expertise on acute care therapies and surgical workflows can help customers find a quick and efficient way to deal with a very stressful challenge,” Jonas Johansson concludes.

For more information about reprocessing expiratory cassettes from Getinge ventilators, please contact your local Getinge representative.