New OR3D feature helps Getinge customers visualize complex OR projects

The 3D configurator OR3D, which helps health care professionals visualize and understand Getinge’s offer in their own environment, has been upgraded with a new multi-room feature that presents an overview of OR projects involving more than one room.

Getinge OR3D Multi-room scene exampleOR3D is designed for configurations, presentations and simulations of all Getinge’s operating room tables, lights, pendants and accessories as well as a large number of products from third party companies. For health care professionals, the visual experience is similar to what a 3D configurator offers people shopping for a new car or kitchen.

The dynamic 3D tool has been improved continuously since the launch in 2002, and now the project team takes another major step forward by introducing the new multi-room feature.

“The possibility to cover several rooms in a single view is a significant improvement, no matter if it is applied to a basic project, such as an OR and its technical room, or a complete floor with dozens of different rooms,” explains Philippe Maillet, Product Manager for OR3D at Surgical Workflows. “Each area is designed independently. Then, OR3D will create a complete overview for the customer, including all rooms.”

OR3D is designed to facilitate OR planning by creating an early visualization and understanding of how the real installation will look and function.

“The 3D renderings make it easy to analyze space and workflow. Different equipment and configuration scenarios can be compared,” says Jehona Kelmendi, Director Product Launches Surgical Workflows at Getinge and head of the OR3D team.

She adds: “Since the software includes the movable parts of our products, it evaluates the configuration both from a construction and manipulation perspective. We can demonstrate all possible movements and avoid problems already on the planning stage.”

Thanks to the integrated OR3D player, customers can even picture themselves in the room and test products on their own; moving devices around like in the real world. If an OR staff member is included in the simulation, clicking on the option ‘surgeon view’ places the customer inside the virtual room, looking around.

In 2018, the real-life feel of OR3D was upgraded with a mobile app that enables users to put on a Virtual Reality (VR) headset and step right into the operating room at customer visits and trade shows.

In addition to the visualization possibilities, the multi-capacity OR3D offers the possibility to support quotation, order placement and creation of installation plans.

“The software also guides the industrial process, which makes sure that we produce exactly what has been agreed, without surprises when it’s time for the physical installation.” explains Haidong Shi, Product Manager for OR3D and the third member of the OR3D team.

The OR3D visualization software is used by over 550 trained Getinge representatives and over 400 distributors all over the globe.

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