St. Elisabeth-Hospital Leipzig setting new standards in the OR with Getinge

St. Elisabeth-Hospital in Leipzig, Germany, formally opened its new OR complex in August 2018, setting new standards in patient care and working conditions for its surgical teams. Both new operating theatres have been fully equipped by Getinge and are suitable for the entire spectrum of surgical procedures.

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The hospital already chose Getinge to equip one of its operating theatres back in 2009. Since this time, the two organizations have had a lasting and trusting partnership, so St. Elisabeth-Hospital decided to collaborate with Getinge again on the newly-planned operating theatres.

Gotthard Knoll, MD, Chief of Trauma Surgery & Orthopedics at St. Elisabeth-Hospital, was present during the building of the first joint OR in 2009 and is happy to be working with Getinge again:

20180731_getinge _leipzig_0102 300x200“Our new ORs are equipped to the best technical standards. This brings so many advantages, like being connected to the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and the clinic’s information system. We can now access all essential patient information not only outside the operating room, but also directly during the surgical procedure. This can be a decisive factor, especially if problems occur suddenly during surgery.”

The new operating theatre complex is so special because it is completely tailored to the needs of the doctors and nurses working there. Its combination of state-of-the-art technology and many functional and aesthetic details also takes the patients’ well-being into consideration: large wall paintings, a special lighting concept and the installation of a sound system help patients feel more at ease in exceptional circumstances. All of this contributes to a good atmosphere.

“I have been working at St. Elisabeth-Hospital for almost 13 years now. There is a very special atmosphere here, characterized by the hospital’s medical competence, humanity and Christian approach. I very much appreciate the way all of our different professional groups interact with each other in our daily work,” explains Dr. Knoll.

It took just over a year to plan and implement the project.

“Thanks to a close and trusting collaboration with the clinic, short distances and a direct line to the decision makers, we were able to work very effectively. The result is a surgical complex that, in Germany, probably only exists in this form at St. Elisabeth-Hospital in Leipzig,” says Olaf Barthel, who works for Getinge Surgical Workflows’ Sales Division (South) and already played a leading role in the 2009 project.

Dr. Knoll appreciates the investment made by St. Elisabeth-Hospital:

“I am grateful that our hospital’s management is creating the necessary work environment for us to achieve very good medical results. In my line of work, there is nothing better than seeing a patient regain their happiness and mobility.”