Topic: heart health


Reducing the global burden of Cardiovascular Disease

Getinge is passionate about developing and delivering innovative products, technologies and solutions to healthcare providers so they can give their patients the best possible care allowing them to live long, productive, healthy lives. We have a broad portfolio of medical devices to be used for patients with cardiovascular disease, not least for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgeries. These devices have been used to benefit patients around the world –including Mark Miller, a Senior Cardiothoracic Territory Manager for Getinge in Dallas.

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Touching the patients’ hearts

Duygu Yildirim is an operator at Getinge’s factory in Antalya. But she also considers herself being a caregiver, as her job contributes to save lives. The products she works with are literally touching the patients’ hearts. As part of joining the celebration of World Heart Day and driving awareness to heart health, we are now stepping inside the factory to see what a work day is like for Duygu. Come along!

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