25 years of providing digital traceability of surgical instruments

When it launched 25 years ago, Getinge’s sterile supply management solution T-DOC was the first solution worldwide offering health care facilities to go from paper-based to fully digital surgical instrument traceability. Since then, Getinge has continued to innovate the solution together with customers to meet the growing demands of digitalized health care.

When Getinge’s T-DOC was released to the market back in 1996, it brought an easy, safe and time-saving way for health care staff to ensuring complete traceability as well as optimizing instrument and device utilization. The instruments would be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized – to be delivered in time for each surgery.

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Pregnant COVID-19 patient saved by ECMO

Recently, a pregnant COVID-19 patient with severe respiratory failure was admitted to the University Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw, Poland. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) therapy was provided which enabled the patient’s lungs time to heal and a successful C-section was able to be performed two weeks later.

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A kidney transplant made Edwin’s life-saving work very personal

Since his successful kidney transplant a year ago, being part of a team that delivers Life Science solutions to customers worldwide has become very personal for Getinge’s Edwin van der Ree

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Getinge introduces new inner racks for stainless steel DPTE® Beta Containers

Getinge is now introducing a new range of racks to fit inside the stainless steel DPTE® Beta Containers, which are designed for efficient loading and unloading into a sterile zone. The racks stabilise items inside the containers while they are transferred and sterilised.

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Getinge has acquired Quadralene, a manufacturer of decontamination products

Getinge announces today the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Quadralene. Quadralene is a global manufacturer of, and expert in, decontamination products such as detergents and disinfectants for the health care and dental sector. Quadralene has annual net sales of approximately SEK 75 M and will be a part of Infection Control in the business area of Surgical Workflows.

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A lifelong passion for saving critically ill and prematurely born babies

For 25 years Edita Almonte worked as a Respiratory Therapist and managed different areas within respiratory care, emergency and critical care including the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Today, she is part of Getinge’s product management team, who participates in the development of ventilators. Just like the ones she used to work with to save the lives of critically ill and premature newborn babies.

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Getinge takes a significant technological leap with new Tegris Operating Theatre Integration platform

For more than 15 years, Getinge has been a global provider of software solutions for a fully integrated, cable-free operating theatre. Now, a brand new platform that is taking Operating Theatre Integration to a whole new level is introduced.

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Inventing therapies that save lives

Swedish-Canadian researcher Christer Sinderby is the man behind Getinge’s patented Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA). Using the patient’s own respiratory drive to control ventilator assistance, NAVA has elevated mechanical ventilation to an entirely new level and helped the tiniest premature baby in the world survive.

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Getinge launches NICCI – the latest innovation in Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring

NICCI is Getinge’s latest innovation in Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring, providing continuous and noninvasive hemodynamic insights to reduce the risk of severe complications for patients with low blood pressure.

Blood pressure is one of the most important variables evaluated during almost every surgical intervention, but recent studies [1] show that fluctuations in blood pressure may be missed due to standard intermittent readings.

These occurring blood pressure drops, called hypotensions, result in complications which can get severe and even life threatening. They can however be reduced by continuous, noninvasive blood pressure monitoring. That’s why Getinge launches NICCI, the latest innovation in Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring, providing continuous and noninvasive hemodynamic insights. It has already been awarded with the Red Dot Award 2020 for its design.

“With NICCI, hemodynamic monitoring has never been easier. While measuring continuously and non-invasively, NICCI provides a complete picture of the patient’s individual hemodynamic status – ensuring the medical staff that they never miss a beat,” says Clemens Brühl, Head of Product Management Advanced Patient Monitoring at Getinge.

With dynamic parameters like cardiac index (CI), stroke volume variation (SVV) and pulse pressure variation (PPV) NICCI guides individual treatment decisions for example related to Goal Directed Fluid Therapy (GDFT).

“It has a sensor that comes in three sizes, containing two finger cuffs that perform an automatically alternating continuous measurement from one finger to the other after no more than an hour. This enables continuous use of NICCI for up to 72 hours,” explains Clemens Brühl.

He adds:
“The easy click mechanism allows a fast setup and there are smart design elements such as an integrated cable storage and quick access keys to allow a simple handling.”

NICCI is based on the Continuous Noninvasive Arterial Pressure Technology (CNAP).

NICCI allows the anesthesiologist to assess the patients’ hemodynamic status even before induction of anesthesia and after surgery. Main application area is before, during and after surgery as well as in post-operative care units, but also emergency rooms and cath-labs.

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Getinge expands its vascular surgery business

Getinge is investing 3 Million Euros in its manufacturing of polyester grafts and patches to treat aneurysmal and occlusive diseases. The investment aims at increasing manufacturing capacity in Getinge’s site in La Ciotat, France.

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