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In Getinge’s factory in Växjö, Sweden, Patrik Lingmert and Maria Borghem are two of the experts who build washer-disinfectors that are part of Getinge’s full offering that enables sterile reprocessing of surgical instruments at hospitals worldwide.

”It’s extra motivating to go to work every day when you know that the products you build are crucial parts of central sterile supply departments where health care staff make sure surgical instruments are being cleaned, disinfected and sterilized, ready in time for next surgery,” says Patrik Lingmert.

He started his career in Getinge’s Växjö factory already back in 1998 and expected to stay for a few years to get some job experience. At the time, he was unaware that 23 years later he would still be with the company, working as a team leader for the 9100-series washer-disinfectors crew.

“I have been working with most assignments in the factory and the possibilities to develop are big. Here, we build different models of washer-disinfectors as well as loading and unloading accessories and distribution systems for process detergents. We are about 70 people in a 12,600 m2 production space.”

Maria Borghem joined the medtech company just two years after Patrik, in 2000.

“I was unemployed at the time and decided to take a welding class. When it was time for an internship I got the possibility to come to Getinge and I am still here. I have also been around most work stations and today my main assignment is to look after material, making sure we have all components needed to build the machines,” she explains.

They both feel passionate about their work and what the products do for health care staff and patients around the world.

“My sister works in the emergency room at a big hospital and when I talk to her it always reminds me that the machines we build are crucial in providing safe care and help lowering the risk of hospital acquired infections,” tells Patrik.

Maria also finds it important to get these reminders. Once, she returned from a trip abroad suffering from high fever and had to seek acute care.

“I caught an infection and felt really sick. I got calmer when I saw our equipment at the clinic and was told the central sterile supply department equipment was running like clockwork. When we, or someone we know need to seek care – we all want the equipment in health care facilities to be sterile so we don’t risk to catch more infections when we are there.”

In order do their job in the best possible way, Maria and Patrik are in agreement of what’s most important: striving towards the same targets and open communication.

“The best thing about my job are the people I work with. We are like a big, happy family. Even after 23 years, I still love to come to work every day. Together, we push ourselves to do great achievements and deliver products of greatest quality and safety,” says Patrik.

Maria adds:

“We have a lot of fun while we are at it. We are proud to see ourselves as parts of a long chain that leads to saving and improving more lives.”

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