Getinge announces U.S. launch of new 9100E Cart Washer

Latest advance in company’s 91009100e-containers-400x320-width460 series Cart Washers is designed to reduce clinical, operational and financial risks faced by hospitals by meeting the market’s requirements for shorter cycle times without compromising the highest cleaning efficacy standards.
Getinge, a leading global provider of innovative medical technology, today announced the U.S. launch of its new 9100E Cart Washer for the healthcare industry. The 9100E Cart Washer represents the evolution of the company’s successful 9100 series floor-loading cart and utensil washer-disinfectors. It was specifically designed to address the needs of hospitals, which require washers that have a reliable and sufficient throughput of a large variety of items that cannot be disinfected in a traditional instrument washer-disinfector, such as operating table transport trolleys, instrument containers and other bulky items.
“Medical centers seeking infection control solutions are working in an environment in which reducing clinical, operational and financial risks is essential. It is imperative that the washers they use provide not only superior cleaning, but are reliable, efficient and cost-efficient to operate,” said Mark Rider, Vice President of Marketing, Surgical Workflows, Americas, Getinge. “Recognizing these needs, Getinge created the 9100E Cart Washer, which offers specific features designed to reduce those risks for hospital staff working in sterile processing, surgical and finance departments. We specifically designed this new product to meet the market’s requirements for shorter cycle times without compromising the highest cleaning efficacy standards.”
The 9100E Cart Washer is ISO 15883-7 compliant, ensuring the safety of staff in sterile processing departments who handle products. It ensures thorough cleaning of equipment, resulting in safer handling. With its fast cycle time of only 10 minutes for noncritical items, the 9100E Cart Washer increases throughput with no impact on cleaning efficacy. With a newly released instrument program cycle and dedicated instrument wash carts, the 9100E can also back up instrument washers during peak hours or unexpected washer downtime. Further, new design elements and product options allow hospitals to reduce operating costs and impact on the environment by reducing water, electricity and chemical consumption.
Rider added, “For hospitals, Getinge is a trusted provider of equipment and services for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments, helping hospitals achieve higher productivity. We are pleased to introduce the new 9100E Cart Washer to meet the needs of Sterile Processing Departments.”
Getinge’s Portfolio of Cart Washers
Getinge’s 9100E series Cart Washers are fully-automatic, large-capacity, floor-loading hydro-spray mechanical washers intended for detergent solution washing, clean rinsing, thermal disinfection and drying of instruments, containers, carts, utensils and other bulk items reprocessed in healthcare decontamination departments. They offer cleaning efficacy, fast cycle times, safety and user-friendly controls. Additionally, they feature Getinge’s award-winning Centric user interface, which controls, operates and maintains the Cart Washer and is common to other Getinge Infection Control products. The Cart Washers have automatic sliding glass doors that provide a full view of the chamber and reduce floor space by eliminating manually-hinged doors.

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