Getinge introduces new inner racks for stainless steel DPTE® Beta Containers

Getinge is now introducing a new range of racks to fit inside the stainless steel DPTE® Beta Containers, which are designed for efficient loading and unloading into a sterile zone. The racks stabilize items inside the containers while they are transferred and sterilized.


“The new rack range improves our ability to be flexible and meet various customer requirements,” says Anis Kara, Product Line Manager. “All rack options enable users to safely load, sterilize and unload equipment and components. Items are held securely in place inside the container, enabling complete steam access, without hidden zones, during autoclaving.”

The reusable, stainless steel DPTE® Beta Containers are engineered for steam sterilization processes. The rigid mechanical design allows safe transfer of heavy and complex parts.

The Beta containers come in four levels – standard, semi-standard, configurable and customized – and they are accompanied by the new range of stainless steel racks, providing a variety of solutions.

In addition to racks with glide, telescopic and roller systems, the racks can also be fully customized and configurable.

“The configurable rack is an outstandingly flexible solution. Using repositionable spacers and pins, it can accommodate components in various shapes and sizes. This makes it adaptable to an almost infinite variety of equipment items,” Anis explains.

Getinge’s DPTE® Beta Containers range also includes reusable PE (Polyethylene) versions, which can be gamma sterilized.

On the single-use side, the DPTE-BetaBag® is one of Getinge’s best-sellers in the Life Science sector. Increasingly used in the pharmaceutical industry to move items in and out of an aseptic zone, such as a sterility testing isolator or isolated filling line, the flexible bags come in different materials and dimensions.

“The choice between a flexible bag or rigid container depends on a number of factors, such as which items are being transferred, preferred pre-transfer sterilization method, production rates, volumes, transfer frequency and process needs. Our aim is to offer a safe solution for each customer,” Anis concludes.

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