New patient transfer system for multi-modality Hybrid OR

Getinge announces the launch of PILOT in conjunction with Siemens Healthineers’ nexaris Angio-MR-CT solution. PILOT is a patient-centered transfer system which allows surgical staff to move patients between imaging systems and treatment rooms without repositioning.

PILOT is the latest in a string of innovative developments resulting from Getinge’s strategic partnership with Siemens Healthineers. It was designed to enable nexaris Angio-CT-MR1, the unique solution for multi-modality imaging by Siemens Healthineers, to advance therapy outcomes. Eric Honroth, President for Sales Region North America, Getinge, explains: “The goal of this joint project was to create a new multi-modality concept for Hybrid operating suites which eliminates the need for patient repositioning during intraoperative multi-modality imaging. As global market leaders, Getinge and Siemens Healthineers share a common vision of the future of surgery, which we are bringing to life with innovations like nexaris Angio-MR-CT1 and the PILOT technology.” 

Revolutionizing patient transport in the Hybrid OR 

PILOT not only allows for seamless intraoperative imaging, but also for smooth patient transfer within the hospital. “The PILOT solution will revolutionize the transport concept within hospitals and will significantly contribute to more effective surgical workflows and increased patient safety,” remarked Joseph Knight, Senior Sales Director, Surgical Workflows at Getinge US. “This offers benefits for both staff and patients, as it eliminates the strenuous and risky task of lifting and repositioning patients.” 

Increased efficiency of surgical workflows 

The PILOT solution features a new surgical table top (model: 118012) in combination with a new patient transfer board (model 118071C0). The transfer board is integrated into Getinge’s Maquet Magnus operating table system and is suitable for X-ray and MR imaging. Using a special Docking Adapter developed by Getinge for nexaris Angio-MR- CT, it can be slid onto the Combi Dockable Table[1] to transfer the patient to and from the imaging system without the need for repositioning. For surgeons, this offers an easier, more efficient and safer way to diagnose and treat patient with real-time, intraoperative images. 

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