T-DOC knows the instrument cost for each surgery – Enabling cost-driven decision-making in your SPD

You can’t have a successful OR without a successful Sterile Processing Department (SPD). T-DOC, our smart sterile supply management and instrument tracking solution, visualizes the cost of everything from sterilization and labor to instruments and disposables and gives you the detailed and accurate data you need to take action and run an efficient SPD.

Did you just install a new, more energy-efficient washer? T-DOC automatically updates the price for everything that uses it. Do you perform instrument repairs both locally and externally? T-DOC knows the cost for all types of repairs. Is the OR causing a lot of fast tracked instruments due to rescheduling? T-DOC knows the cost for each instance, and if a high-demand item is costing too much in fast track fees, your team can choose to purchase additional stock. The calculations in T-DOC are as complex or as simple as you want, so it’s easy to get up and running and start reducing your costs.

Cost-effective sterile supply management and instrument tracking


From automatic customer invoicing to accurate budget planning, T-DOC cost calculations enables you to run your SPD like a successful business. It also enables surgical departments (OR) to get a clear financial overview and plan better by calculating the instrument cost for each surgery or specialty.

What does it cost to prioritize a tray and run a sterilizer half empty? What is the cost of one surgery with Dr Hansen versus an identical surgery with Dr Smith? What does it cost to deliver to outside clinics and how much is spent on instrument repairs? T-DOC accounts for every parameter and knows precisely what to charge customers.


T-DOC knows the costs of your sterile supply flow

T-DOC Sterile Supply Management brings you complete overview with full cost transparency – supporting smoother workflows and giving you the data you need to make better and more informed decisions.

T-DOC is part of our suite of digital health solutions – our scalable and flexible IT offerings that are designed to support cross-hospital workflows along the clinical pathway. Our software solutions enable you to streamline processes, increase resource utilization and improve quality throughout your hospital. Learn more about T-DOC