When software helps save lives

INSIGHT Patient Flow Management is one of the core offerings in our Integrated Workflow Solutions portfolio. As hospital healthcare professionals and the Fire Department in Taipei acted quickly and reaped the ultimate benefit of their INSIGHT installation, Getinge software is now contributing to saving lives in Taiwan.

Bin Chou Lee-2           Photo: Dr. Bin-Chou Lee, Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, in front of the INSIGHT screens at Taipei City Hospital

An ambulance was summoned for a patient suffering from what turned out to be an acute myocardial infarction. As the ambulance electrocardiography (ECG) revealed his critical condition, the patient was flagged in the INSIGHT system while he was still in the ambulance.

This immediately notified the hospital staff of the inbound patient and the severity of his condition. With the timely notification, the available ECG from the ambulance, and the patient information already entered in INSIGHT, the hospital staff was given valuable time to prepare for his arrival, and the patient could be transported directly to the Cardiology Department where a team was ready to treat him. Thanks to the incredible effort of the paramedics and healthcare professionals, which begun before the ambulance even arrived at the hospital, the patient survived.

Though the INSIGHT installation in Taipei is a pilot project, it is very special as it is the first project to focus on establishing a structured pre-hospital patient flow for the ambulance service. It is developed and launched in close collaboration with the Taipei Fire Department, which is in charge of the ambulance operation in the city, handling all acute patient transports to the hospitals. With this pilot, clear, quick and effective information flows have been established between the ambulance service and two emergency hospitals, ensuring a streamlined and efficient patient transportation and treatment that ultimately helps save lives.

“With this new software patients are treated more efficiently, and the complete collaboration and seamless convergence between the ambulance service and the hospital is a blessing to the public”, says Dr. Bin-Chou Lee, Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, Taipei City Hospital, Zhongxiao Branch.

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*The INSIGHT patient flow management solution is not commercially available in the United States.